Otago Boys High School is one of the oldest and most well-established boarding schools in New Zealand. Boarders have lived at the school and have been educated with us since 1871.

Boarding is a priority at Otago Boys High School with approximately 140 boarders enrolled. Our boarders come predominantly from regional Otago, Southland and South Canterbury. International students and a small number of boys from as far as field as the North Island add to the rich diversity of life at School House. With their varied backgrounds and refreshing approach to life, boarders are often considered to be the heart and soul of Otago Boys High School.

Boys who commence boarding in Year Nine will be members of Hawthorne Boarding House. This is a specialist facility for our youngest boarders, allowing them the opportunity to get to know the other boarders their own age. The staff help the boys to grow confidence in their ability to live away from home. As the boys get older, School House has three dormitories each of which caters for boarders in Years 10 to 13. Each dormitory has its own identity and boys become part of a very supportive community.

School House is led by the Director of Boarding who is a teacher in the School and lives with his family in accommodation adjacent to the hostel. This proximity allows him to supervise the boys properly and to form strong connections with each boy in the house. The School House matron also lives on site fulfils the role of a second mother looking after the boys’ medical care and mental wellbeing. All staff have a strong connection with the school and understand the importance of the boy’s academic studies.

The boarding staff at Otago Boys realise the importance of good communication with families of boarders. Boarding parents are kept informed of their son’s progress and staff work closely with parents to ensure a positive experience for the boys.

Being a boarder at Otago Boys is a wonderful opportunity to develop life-long friendships and to experience a sense of belonging and camaraderie that comes from being a boarder. Your son will emerge from School House as a great young man of integrity and character, inspired and educated academically and socially, prepared to face the next chapter of his life.