Boarding Life

Living in a hostel environment will make an enormously valuable contribution to your sons’ development as a young man. His communication, personal and team work skills will be tested, and his independence will flourish. We encourage all boys to make the most of the opportunities offered at School House. Responsibilities and roles will change as your son progresses through the year levels. For example:


All boys are required to complete a number of duties to contribute to the running of the hostel. Year 9’s clear and wipe tables, clearing snacks and helping to serve if required.

To help prepare your son for life at the hostel, please make sure your boy can:

  • Make a bed
  • Clear and wipe down dining tables
  • Fold clothes and sort laundry
  • Maintain personal hygiene and shave if required
  • Manage his time
  • Keep his personal area tidy
  • Cooperate and get along with others

Student Leadership

Opportunities will arise in senior years to take a leadership role within the hostel:

  • Prefects
  • Dorm monitors
  • Leading Mitchell Cup

Hostel Council

This is made up of two students from each year group as well as the Head Prefect. It meets regularly to discuss matters raised by the boys. Minutes are kept and the Manager is involved at each meeting.

Health & Welfare

Matron is responsible for treating and monitoring the health of the boys in the Hostel. All medical treatment must be carried out with the knowledge of Matron, who will notify parents in the event of hospital treatment being necessary, and on other appropriate occasions.

The van is available to transport boys when necessary to the Mornington or Maori Hill Medical Centres. Physiotherapy is available through Physio at school.

A full range of vaccinations are available at the start of the year. Parents are notified fully of the range of options. Prescription expenses must be paid for by the parents on their son's hostel account.

Dentist: Matron will enrol boys at Lumino The Dentists.

Any appointments, e.g. fracture clinic, x-ray, blood tests, the Matron will go with the boy.


Prep, or study time is an important part of the boys’ daily routine. Boys are expected to work quietly on set homework for 90 minutes Monday to Thursday, and 60 minutes on Sunday.

  • Years 9 - 12 have set prep areas, while year 13 are given the option of studying in their rooms.
  • If set homework is finished in this time, boys are expected to either revise, or read a book.
  • Year 9 & 10 study together under the supervision of the year 13 boys’.
  • Year 11 & 12 boys’ have separate rooms.
  • Study cubicles and internet access are available for all students to use, this is restricted to school work only during prep.

Prep is supervised by the housemasters. A house tutor and several senior teachers are available to help boys with their homework and study during prep time.