Boarding Life

Living in a hostel environment will make an enormously valuable contribution to your son’s development as a young man. His communication, personal and teamwork skills will be tested, and his independence will flourish. We encourage all boys to make the most of the opportunities offered at School House.

Responsibilities and roles will change as your son progresses through the year levels.

Yr 9 Boarding Programme

All boarders complete an induction and wellbeing programme on how to live in a communal setting to develop the tolerance and empathy required for hostel life. The aim of the programme is to install the values of the school and hostel in the new School House young men and to help them as they begin their boarding journey at School House. Year Nine boarders also complete duties to contribute to the smooth running of the hostel.

Yr 10 Boarding Programme

Starting in 2020 all Year 10 boys will complete the Duke of Edinburgh Bronze award. Boys are given the opportunity to get their silver and gold awards in Yr11-13. Community service is strongly emphasised in this programme. Year 10 students also act as waiters at Formal Dinner which is every Thursday.

Yr 11 Boarding Programme

All Yr11 boys do a toastmaster’s course to help them in public speaking. This is a fun and enjoyable course designed to break down some of the barriers that boys often face when speaking to a large group of people.

Year 12 and 13 - Student Leadership Programme

Opportunities will arise in senior years to take a leadership role within the hostel. Leadership opportunities are:

  • Professionally leadership courses
  • Peer Support for new entrants to the hostel (Year 13)
  • Prefects (year 13)
  • Dorm monitors (year 12 & 13)
  • Leading and organising, Mitchell Cup activities (Year 12 and 13)

Health and Welfare

The Matron is responsible for treating and monitoring the health of the boys in the Hostel.  We have an excellent relationship with Maori Hill Medical Centre and matron will take students to and from the centre when a doctor’s visit is required. The matron will also make sure parents are kept up to date. Physiotherapy is available at the school through The Recovery Room Physiotherapy. The cost of doctors’ visits and prescription expenses must be paid for by the parents on their son’s hostel account. 


Prep, or study time is an important part of the boys’ daily routine.  Boys are expected to work quietly on set homework from 7-8pm, Monday to Thursday.

  • Years 9-12 have set prep areas, while year 13 study independently in their rooms unless they are on their rostered prep duty where they will be helping the year 9 & 10 boys 
  • If set homework is finished in this time, boys are expected to either revise, or read a book.
  • Wireless internet access is available for all students to use. This use is restricted to school work during prep.

Prep is supervised by the housemasters and year 13 prefects, who are also able to tutor and assist students with their homework. Further to that, a senior teacher is also available to help boys with their homework and study during prep time.