Secondhand Uniform

The PTA administers the secondhand uniform shop as a service to families and as a fundraising venture for the benefit of the school. Currently we have been running this as sell on behalf with a small percentage taken from sales. After a year, unsold items become a donated item. We also have been lucky enough to have many uniforms donated. We would like to thank everyone for supporting this much needed service.

On review of this system the PTA have decided to change to something more workable.

The changes are...

  1. We will no longer be selling on behalf. 
  2. We will look to buy your uniform pieces directly from you as per the attached price list assuming that the piece is in good condition.
  3. We will run a uniform swap for those boys that need an item to get through a year. This will require a swap of a like for like item in a clean, tidy condition.
  4. Blazers should be dry cleaned before offering for sale.
  5. The uniform shop will still hold its sale evenings during January and at the year 9 BBQ in December
  6. Donated items are still very much appreciated

Items can be dropped off at the office. The PTA will look over your items and advise what items we wish to purchase. Payment will then be made to your nominated bank account as per completed form. Some items will not be suitable as we already hold sufficient stock. In this case your items will be returned.

Parents and Boys can still purchase items we currently have in stock during the year by contacting the school office.

We hope the change to this system will be more efficient and result in a faster payment for your items.


OBHS PTS Secondhand Clothing Form and Price Offer List