Our Staff


Richard Hall BA. Dip Tchg [email protected]

Deputy Rector

Andrew King BSc(Hons) PGCE [email protected]

Assistant Principals

Richard Harvey MSc, DipTchg(Sec), BSocSci [email protected]
Anne Gorman BA(Hons) DipTchg [email protected]
Vai Mahutariki BSLS (Double Major), GradDipT, AdvCert in Maori Ambassadorship and Leadership [email protected]


Melissa Rodgers Finance and Foundation Administrator [email protected]  |  [email protected]
Jane Gourley Communications Administrator [email protected]
Ruth Pelet Student Support Administrator [email protected]
Stephanie Mason Sports Administrator, Gateway Administrator, Office Administration [email protected]  |  [email protected]

House Deans

Aspinall Nicole Bennett BA DipTchg(Sec) Digital Technology [email protected]
McIndoe Kelvin McCrone BA PGrad DipTchg (sec) History, Social Studies [email protected]
Park Mark Alderton BPhEd DipTchg Physical Education [email protected]
Saxton Rhys Foster BPhEd DipTchg Physical Education, Social Studies [email protected]


Rob Wither DDI (03) 474 3045 [email protected]
James Howey   [email protected]

Aspinall House Form Teachers

AP1 Anna Ward DIp Fine Arts, Dip Tchg TiC Art [email protected]
AP2 Michael Hall BA(Hons) BSc DipTchg(Sec) English [email protected]
AP3 Kate Hope BPhEd, PGDipTchg (Sec) Asst. HoD Social Studies, TiC Geography [email protected]
AP4 Richard Roe BSc DipTchg Mathematics [email protected]
AP5 Michael South BSc DipTchg Digital Technology, Mathematics [email protected]
AP6 Ryan Golder   Science [email protected]
AP7 Justin Zani BSc with QTS, MEd (TchLn) TiC Earth and Space Science, Principal's Nominee [email protected]

McIndoe House Form Teachers

MC1 Tim Adler BSc Maths, MTchgLn Mathematics [email protected]
MC2 Jacqueline Irving BEd DipTchg TiC Food Technology, Gateway [email protected]
MC3 Richard Sykes BSc Maths, PG DipTchg HoD Mathematics [email protected]
MC4 Tim Ashdown BSc PGCE HoD Science, Chemistry [email protected]
MC5 Michelle Gilks   Biology michelle.gilks@obhs,school.nz
MC6 Paul Fisher BSc, M. Sc, PhD, GradDIpTchg Mathematics [email protected]
MC7 Alastair Campbell MEd HoD Social Sciences, Dean of Accelerated Learning [email protected]

Park House Form Teachers

PK1 Hamish Robb BSc, PGDipTchg(Sec) Science [email protected]
PK2 Tim Hyslop BA, MTchgLn Economics [email protected]
PK3 Emma Moore BCApSc DipTchg(Sec) Food Technology [email protected]
PK4 Andrew Willmott BCom BPhEd DipTchg Physical Education, Mathematics [email protected]
PK5 Max Graimes   Mathematics [email protected]
PK6 Maria Zammit PhD, BSc(Hons), DipTchg (sec) Science [email protected]
PK7 Konrad Hanson BA, MusB (Hons) PGrad Dip Tchg (Sec) TiC Music [email protected]

Saxton House Form Teachers

SN1 Quentin Barry BA PGDip(Arts) with credit BTch(Sec) English, Classics [email protected]
SN2 Charlie Scott B App Sci, B Ed (Sec) Physical Education [email protected]
SN3 Greg Densem ADV TradeCert DipTchg SST Technology Metal [email protected]
SN4 Kent Twaites BSc GradDipTeach (Sec) Pasifika & Maori Academic Dean, TiC Biology [email protected]
SN5 Johnny Simmons   HoD Technology [email protected]
SN6 Scott Manson BEd (Tchg) (Prim) Mathematics [email protected]
SN7 Mary Rabbidge MSciComm BSc BTchg(Sec) Science, Physics [email protected]

Academic Staff

Lindy Marr MEd PGDip(Educational Studies) AdvDipTchg PGCertProfDev BA SENCO [email protected]
Cheryl Brown BA, GradDIpTchg (sec) English [email protected]
Matthew Dadley BA(Hons), GradDip(Arts), PGDipTchg(Sec) HOD English [email protected]
Elaine Kelly MA (Honours) French, German TiC Languages [email protected]
Chris King BCom DipTchg Economics [email protected]
Mike McGarry BPhEd DipTchg HOD Physical Education [email protected]
Gwyn Pratley BA DipTchg Economics [email protected]
Jordy Anderton-White BA MTchgLn TiC Media Studies, English [email protected]
Helen Walsh M.Lit.Ed DipTchg English [email protected]
Tonya Justice BA, Cert. TESOL, M.Ed. (Dist.) TiC ESOL [email protected]
Andrew Swan BSc BEd DipTchg HOD Economics, Careers [email protected]
Brenna Sinclair   Science [email protected]
Anna Ward DIp Fine Arts, Dip Tchg TiC Art [email protected]
Vai Mahutariki BSLS (Double Major), GradDipT, AdvCert in Maori Ambassadorship and Leadership Director of Boarding, HOD Maori [email protected]
Dave Thomas   Physical Education [email protected]
Nathan King   Physical Education [email protected]
Stephen Tarasiewicz   Technology [email protected]
Allayne Guest   TiC DVC [email protected]
Scott Mouat MTchgLn, PGDip NHFC Media Studies [email protected]
Brian Ashwin BCom, DipTchgTiC Accounting [email protected]
Shane Capon Cert TESOL, Dip Tchg, B Ed, MA(hons), PhD.  English, Social Studies [email protected]

Support Staff

Steve Brown Dip Sport & Performance, Dip Accounting Director of Sport [email protected]
Tania Brendel   Executive Assistant [email protected]
Wayne Angus   Director of International Students [email protected]
Kelly Kinghorn   Librarian [email protected] 
Russell Pope   Property Manager [email protected] 
Mark Scott   Groundsman [email protected]
Howard Nixon   Maintenance [email protected]
Lucy Brown   Science Technician [email protected]
Mike Foster   Technology Technician  
Hilary Stumbles   Canteen [email protected]
Sandra Ritchie   Teacher Aide [email protected]
Anne Steward   Food Technician [email protected]
Janis Shaw   Matron, School House [email protected]
Simon Wright   ICT Manager [email protected]

Itinerant Music Teachers

Ross Kane MusB.DipGrad ATCL Woodwind
Ben Madden MusB BA Choir Director
Allan Starrett MusB(Violin & Composition) MusM(Viola) Strings
Brenda Sterling   Piano
Che Long   Guitar
Dylan Walker   Drums
Johanna Brusse   Cello, Double Bass

Vocal Tutor

Patricia Scally Richardson BA, Dip Grad Arts, Dip Tchng, LTCL, NEWZATS reg. Vocal tutor