Scholarship success

By Richard Harvey | Posted: Sunday February 18, 2024

We recently received the results of our 2023 NCEA Scholarship exams and are thrilled to announce an outstanding achievement.

A total of 21 Scholarships were earned by 12 students across 10 diverse subject areas.

This success is a testament to the immense dedication and effort invested by students, teachers, and whanau. We extend our appreciation to everyone who played a role in supporting these students, as well as those students who demonstrated the school value of courage by participating in scholarship exams last year.

It's worth noting that several other students demonstrated exceptional performance, coming close to the scholarship cut scores. Following reconsideration, the talley may extend beyond the initial 21.

Securing a Scholarship is no small feat; these students now stand among the top 3% in New Zealand within their respective subject areas. This achievement not only reflects individual excellence but also speaks to the overall academic ability within the Otago Boys' High School community. We celebrate this shared success and look forward to the continued growth and accomplishments of our students in 2024.  

Scholarship recipients:

Matthew Bolter (Year 13)
English, Geography, Health and Physical Education, History, Religious Studies, Statistics.

Timothy Orchiston (Year 13)
History, Geography.

Oliver Hobbs (Year 13)
Calculus, Statistics.

Connor Purvis (Year 13)
Physics, Calculus.

Benjamin Richards (Year 12)

Luke Woo (Year 12)

Lachie Hall (Year 12)

Bruno Hare (Year 13)

Ben Turnbull (Year 13)

Ashhal Shahzad (Year 13)

Thomas Hayman (Year 12)

Bodhi Keiller (Year 13)

Teddy Finney-Waters (Year 13)