What's the G.O.S.S

By OSSSA | Posted: Thursday February 22, 2024

Gems of Sport Series.

  • What: a series of 4 presentations, 1 per school term
  • When: 6pm – 8pm on Thursday 14 March, 19 June, 7 August and 24 October.
  • Where: The Edgar Centre
  • Who: Students (regardless of sport/ability), parents, coaches, RSO’s, Sports administrators (school and community)
  • Cost: FREE!
  • Purpose: use real life stories from well-known local athletes and experts in the sport sector to educate the audience on the foundations and key messages that it takes to be ‘your best’ in sport, regardless of your role (athlete, parent, coach) or ability and shine a light on the purpose of school sport and its place in the wider sporting pathway. The initial presentation on 14 March will be presented by Elizabeth Murdoch who is a sports psychologist specialising in youth athlete-life balance. Elizabeth will set the scene touching of the key messages that will then be emphasised by the athletes in following series.

Key messages/gems include:

  • Balancing commitments – sporting, school, work etc.
  • Dealing with stress in sport – expectations, selection/deselection.
  • Building resilience.
  • Mental skill strategies to cope with the pressures of sport.
  • Importance of communication and building a support network – with coaches, teammates, parents, administrators etc.
  • Understanding that school sport is not the stage where athlete need to shine in order to reach their potential, and highlight the importance and focus of enjoyment and longevity in sport during school years.
  • In partnership with: Otago Academy of Sport and Sport Otago. Supported by Sport NZ and Otago Community Trust!
  • Registration: Registration is required even though the event is FREE, purely for seating purposes and so we can ensure we know our audience make up i.e. student, parent coach etc.