Just Dodge it!

By OBHS Prefects | Posted: Thursday June 4, 2020

During Thursday period 4, our prefects were challenged to a game of dodgeball by the John McGlashan College prefects.

This match had some tension behind it too. Boys had been chatting online about who was the premier boys school on the hill. There was only one way to settle this: a best-of-seven dodgeball match.

Our boys showed up on a rainy Dunedin day in assorted OBHS sporting kit, chauffeured there selflessly by Mr Swan. We were out numbered and uncomfortable in this environment, but determined to leave our mark.

We started on the back foot. Having thought the rules were as negotiated, we were blindsided by new additions such as being able to enter part of the opponents half. This lead to a decisive execution from our rivals, but gave us the opportunity to observe and find their weak links.

Game one: JMC. With fire in our eyes, we went all out in game 2, taking them by surprise with co-ordinated attacks and fantastic defence from Matthew Pyper. All of a sudden, the tide had turned back in our favour.

Game two: OBHS. Both teams had settled down by this point. Game 2 was fought well by both teams, exchanging crucial catches to revive team mates. However, Michael Ruske turned to his cricketing background to give the Johnnies boys a look at the 100+ km/h beamer, and us the needed victory.

Game three: OBHS. Game three was much the same. We turned to a more conservative style of play, relying on our defence and counter attacking speed. However, questionable officiating up to this point lead to some heated chatter from the sidelines. A couple missed headshots from the ref left us weak but we maintained composure to extend our lead.

Game four: OBHS. The tide turned during game four. With us only one win away from securing the overall title, JMC found their fire. We were too aggressive off the line and suffered heavy casualties to a precise Johnnies offence. They slowly took us out one by one and kept themselves in the game in the process.

Game five: JMC. A group meeting was called before the start of game five. Having lost our momentum in game four, we tried to return to our previous style of play to end the match before a potential game seven. What we didn't realise we were in for, was a marathon.

Game six was a dodgeball game for the ages. JMC, having started well all game, continued to dominate the beginning, knocking out a couple of us to give them the upper hand. With both sides playing conservatively, there were long pauses of teams scouting each other and trying to push forward to corner the opponent. Once the tension broke, all hell broke loose. Rapid counter attacks followed each other. Balls screamed into the spectators. Clutch catches and ripping throws were exchanged from both sides. After the commotion, Johnnies were up and we were down. 

A game seven seemed inevitable. What we had though: was a man by the name of Michael Ruske.

It had been established before the game that a special rule would be put in place. If someone scored one of the dodgeballs in the basketball hoop at their opponents end, they would receive their ENTIRE TEAM. So, with numbers dwindling, Mike and the remaining prefects pushed forward to give themselves a shot at the hoop. The shot went up... AND THE SHOT WENT IN. All hell broke loose as our entire bench stormed on grabbing every ball and launched the biggest attack yet. This turning point gave us the upperhand and lead to an epic game six victory. Game. Set. Match. OBHS.

A massive thank you to John McGlashan for hosting us and also to Mr Swan for driving us there in the wet. Looking forward to the rematch;)

The OBHS Prefects.

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