A message from the Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Friday June 5, 2020

This has been a challenging week for us all.

The passing of Tony Gabbusch, a valued teacher here at school, has rocked us. But with the help of the community, we are coming through it. 

His contribution to the school as you will know was wide and varied. For example, many of the photos that have been part of our school newsletters and school magazines (including this tower block photo) were taken by him.

Our school is built on many foundations, on tradition, on high expectations and with a core value system that supports and encourages growth for everyone. Tony epitomized this ethos. His dedication to the school for over 30 years is something that can not be easily summed up in words.

To be in the school that long, is to be part of the fabric, the culture, the success and failures of the school. Tony as a teacher endeavored every day to get the best out of his students. He taught a range of subjects in the Social Sciences and in Technology. His versatility came through his intelligence and his fundamental excellence in his craft; being a teacher. As a Rector, being able to use staff like this, means we are able to adapt and be adept in the teaching of boys. 

Tony was a teacher here when I attended as a pupil. And while he never taught me, I have been reflecting on just how incredible it is that he, frankly stuck with us that long. You cannot do that if your heart is not in it. Teaching is more than a job. Tony was much more than just a teacher.

We will miss him.