Term 2 Students of the Term Announced

By OBHS | Posted: Sunday July 25, 2021

On Monday morning at a full school assembly, the Students of the Term for Term 2 were announced.

Congratulations to the following recipients.

Year 9 - Jacob Fleming
Jacob is a mature and polite student, who is respectful of others and determined in his work. He volunteers a lot of his own time to help others. Jacob displays a positive attitude towards both his peers and his work.

Year 10 - Zachary Clinch
Zachary is a student who always gives 100%. He engages fully with classwork and pushes himself to succeed academically. He shows great perseverance even when he finds ideas challenging.

Year 11 - Paul Pasilio
A polite and respectful young man who gives his best effort in class. He is on track to be a centurion. Paul displays the school values at all times.

Year 12 - Ronan Melville
Ronan is always striving for excellence and is supportive of other students. He is a polite and respectful young man who goes the extra mile to achieve his personal best.

Year 13 - Lachlan Williams
Lachlan is an extremely hard working young man who is dedicated to producing exceptional work. Lachlan demonstrates the school values consistently and is well respected by staff and his peers.