Wairua Pūhou, Te Hautoka 2021

By Patrick Sefo-Cloughley | Posted: Thursday July 29, 2021

He waka eke noa! We are all in this canoe together!

During our Te Hautoka campaign this year Wairua Pūhou did what we do best, we became whānau. 

Throughout the last 6 months we have been practicing hard. Every weekend since April, through all types of weather to be ready to compete at the regional Secondary Schools' kapa haka competition, Te Hautoka on 10 July. 

It was difficult juggling sports, whānau commitments and practices to be able to get to a level where we were happy. All of our practices had led us to that moment when we would walk onto the stage and represent our schools, our whānau and those that had been before us. 

As we walked on stage the nerves and adrenaline hit all at once, the crowd roared after every item we performed. Daniel Marsh and Shakirah Stephens lead our roopu brilliantly. Walking off stage we showed all of our emotions, tears of joy and satisfaction. Although we achieved a disappointing result of 3rd place, the whānau of Wairua Pūhou gathered together and embraced the winning roopu. 

We are continuing practices and striving to train up our newbies to become the next generation of Wairua Pūhou, bring on Polyfest!

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