Debating Update

By Maria Zammit | Posted: Thursday July 29, 2021

Debating is underway for the term.

This week saw a debate between OBHS and OGHS.

Topic: Ban the Olympics (permanently)

It seems the Olympics theme continued from the last junior debate. This time Otago Boys’ were arguing that the Olympics should be banned permanently. 

It felt like a much closer debate than the solid five point margin suggested. There was a lot of nervous energy from both teams as they left the room to allow the adjudicator to come to their decision. 

Javara, Mikko, and Rohan ran a strong debate, using some of the feedback they received on their last debate to good effect, and came away with the win. 

Congratulations lads!

For: OBHS1 (Javara Clark, Mikko Johnston, Rohan Williams)
Against: Otago Girls' High School