2023 Academic Blues

By Richard Harvey | Posted: Monday February 12, 2024

On Monday, the 5th of February, we gathered for our Academic Blues assembly to celebrate the outstanding academic achievements and dedication of our students in the 2023 NCEA results.

We honoured Year 13 and Year 12 boys who earned 50 or more excellence credits in their NCEA Level 1 or 2 studies during 2023 with an Academic Blue.

This year, we proudly awarded 34 NCEA Level 1 certificates endorsed with excellence, 31 at Level 2, and 15 at Level 3. 

A heartfelt congratulations to all these boys for their unwavering perseverance and efforts in reaching such commendable levels of academic excellence.

Academic Blues recipients:

NCEA Level 1

Aaron Young, Alexander Lea, Ben Nguyen, Benjamin Crump, Charlie Ottrey, Cormac De La Harpe, David Cole, Finn Marshall, Flynn Dalley, Flynn MacGill-Brown, George Deedman, Gunha Park, Hamish Grindlay, Harry Humphrey, Henry Lucas, Jack Ussher, Jeremy Frei, Joseph Chen, Kaiau Karena, Liam Elder, Louis Brown, Luis Deaker, Matthew Glover, Max Cutfield, Nirbighna Acharya, Ollie Turnbull, Richard Peng, Rupene Skipper, Samuel Asher, Shaun Hasler, Vance Butler, Will Ding, William Munro and William Parry.

NCEA Level 2

Benjamin Richards, Bradley Escueta, Chanwoo Mun, Javara Clark, Esteban Garcia-Quiroga, Ethan Des Fountain, Ethan Maw, Fergus Oberlin-Brown, Flynn Wilson, Freddie Hore, Hadi Obaidullah, Harry Burrow, Hugo Barsby, Jack Dixon, James Veituna, Jonathan Tucker, Lachie Hall, Luke Woo, Max MacLachlan, Nathaniel Millar-Coote, Niila Robertson, Nikau Poki, Rohan O'Shea, Rohan Williams, Ruwindu Dassanayake, Sam MacGregor, Thomas Hayman, Thomas Thurlow, Tim Fyfe, Victor Christof and Wallace Pham.

NCEA Level 3

Matthew Bolter, Harry Easton, Teddy Finney-Waters, Bruno Hare, Oliver Hobbs, James Hulyer, Bodhi Keiller, Dennis Kristel, Ollie Oberlin-Brown, Tim Orchiston, Jake Owen, Connor Purvis, Ashhal Shahzad, Jack Thom and Ben Turnbull.

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