Leadership camp - 2023

By Charlie Scott | Posted: Thursday February 1, 2024

During the last week of lessons for 2023, a group of committed and passionate senior students volunteered to attend the Leadership Camp at our school Lodge in the beautiful Matukituki Valley.

With the guidance of some of our fantastic teachers, this group of young men were challenged to grow together as a team of leaders. With our school values as our core guidance, this impressive group of people unpacked what their leadership of the OBs brotherhood should look like in 2024. It was a privilege to watch the lads support each other through the many activities, the physical and mental challenges, and enjoyable and tough moments that the Matukituki experience offers.

One experience that summed the leadership and team work of our boys was after camping overnight in the west valley floor and waiting for the morning fog to lift, our young men worked together as a team of brothers to get everyone up the 1175 m vertical climb to the bush line on the Cascade Saddle route. It was a particular moment of pride for the teachers present to watch them work together to overcome fear, exhaustion and discomfort to reach their goal. The hair on the back of my neck stood up as I watched them sing the school song - arm in arm, on top of the world with Mt Aspiring in the background. What a moment!

A massive thank you goes out to the fantastic teachers and adults that ran the camp: Ms Moore, Mrs and Mr Rabbidge, Mr Swan, Mr Sharp and Mr King. Your energy and commitment to our lads is much appreciated.

Whatever 2024 holds for us at OBHS, it is comforting to know that we have young men of character leading us through it. They truly are 'men of oak'. Well done to those lads that chose to be part of the camp and good luck to them for their year as leaders.