Otago Boys’ Talent Quest '24 announcement and sponsorship opportunity

By Mikko Johnston | Posted: Wednesday January 31, 2024

We are very excited to announce that the Otago Boys’ Talent Quest is coming back for 2024.

Running over term 2 we are looking forward to seeing all the hidden talents within the school. Keep your eyes peeled for announcements, results, and more on the Otago Boys’ Talent Quest website! https://sites.google.com/obhs.school.nz/otagoboystalentquest/home. Alternatively, you can keep an eye out on the school newsletter.

As a way to continue improving the talent quest every year we will be bringing in a wildcard/students’ choice system. The system is still being developed, but this will promote the interaction between the boys, the talent quest, and its performers. This will ensure we are involving everyone in the talent quest.

We are looking for local businesses to financially support us as we are wanting to make the talent quest bigger and better with every year that comes, but we can’t do that without help. If you own/operate a local business and would be interested in supporting and sponsoring the Otago Boys’ Talent Quest ‘24, please email [email protected] for more information. Additionally you can check out the website (https://sites.google.com/obhs.school.nz/otagoboystalentquest/home) which has a lot of information on it to look through!

And finally, auditions open week 7, term 1 (11/03/2024), so get excited!