Senior Prizegiving

By AG | Posted: Wednesday November 18, 2020

Senior prize giving was held on Monday 2 November at the Regent Theatre. It was a special occasion to celebrate the students success throughout the year.

Angus Henderson - Dux

This young man loves learning. Over three levels of NCEA Angus has 244 Excellence credits, with 81 so far at Level 3. He is a three time centurion. With so many other demands on his time, his ability to maintain his academic achievements is truly impressive. Angus has proved to us all that being the best comes from grit, discipline, determination, curiosity and a passion for learning. He has been awarded a University of Otago Academic Excellence Scholarship. In 2018 as Year 11 student he was 1st in Level 3 Calculus. Last year he was first in Level 3 Statistics and he achieved an A+ in University of Canterbury Mathematics. He also gained NCEA Scholarships in Calculus and in Statistics. This year Angus is: 1st Physics, 2nd Chemistry, 2nd  Economics, with a Commendation in Business Studies and an A+ in Canterbury University Computer Science  

2021 Head Boy - Michael Crosson

A young man who maintains a positive attitude even in the most challenging conditions, Michael is a top academic and has already achieved NCEA Level 2 with Excellence. He has been “Student of the Term”. Michael participates in a wide range of school activities. He has been a member of our choir since Year 9, is in our senior debating team and has also appeared in School productions. Michael’s interests also involve sport. He plays both basketball and futsal for school teams. Described as “personable, respectful and humble”, Michael gains this position through the respect afforded by his teachers and his peers.

2021 Head Boy of School House -  Jake Burgess

Jake is a third generation student at the hostel and is an exceptional young man. He has real ability and is diligent in his approach with the majority of grades across all subjects. He gained first place in Agriculture and Horticulture. Not only that, but he found time for many other activities, Rowing, gaining his Rowing Blues, Basketball, Rugby and Touch. Jake is a pleasant and popular member of the hostel and is always polite and respectful.

We would like to make special mention to the recipients of the Otago Boys' High School Foundation Scholarships for 2021.

Elliot Alloo- Mason Brothers Scholarship

An active member of our school community, Elliott was a student representative on the Board of Trustees and elected a Prefect for his final year at school.  Elliott has a drive to do well. Experiencing many successes during his school life, Elliott has shown to be a bright, interested, informed and humble young man. Elliott achieved Excellence endorsed at both NCEA Level 1 and Level 2. Becoming a Centurion for all three years of NCEA assessment.  This year Elliott was awarded the Commerce Trophy and Commendations in Business Studies, Economics and Canterbury University Mathematics. Elliott was a recipient for one of Otago University’s Leaders of the Tomorrow Scholarships. In the sporting arena Elliott is an active runner, swimmer and member of several team sports. Receiving Sporting Blues for Cricket and Basketball in 2020.  We look forward to seeing where this inspiring young man will head in his future.

Elliot Alloo — Image by: OBHS

Jaxon Bennington - Superior Scholarship

Jaxon is passionate about Agriculture and Horticulture so it is fitting that at Prize giving the last two years he received subject commendations for this. Additionally at the 2020 Senior Prize giving Jaxon was also awarded Commendation Certificates for Accounting and Outdoor Education.  Continuing his education to do Agriculture and Marketing at Lincoln University in 2021 is a good fit for Jaxon. He has shown himself to be an independent and motivated learner. Jaxon relates well to others and this ability to form good relationships with his peers and tutors will continue to be a strength of his.

Jaxon Bennington — Image by: OBHS

Zheng Wei - Stephen Guest Scholarship (Music and Law)

Zheng Wei arrived from Malaysia as Year 10 student . Zheng Wei has been actively engaged in the life of the school both inside and outside of the classroom while maintaining a high level of academic achievement. His mastery of English language and humour has endeared him to students and staff alike. This cumulated in his popular selection as a Prefect this year. He has been an excellent role model for all students at Otago Boys' High School. Academically Zheng Wei has exceeded. He has undertaken studies towards Scholarship Music, History and Earth and Space Science in 2020. Additionally he received the Peter Warwick Memorial Trophy for the greatest contribution to School Music at Otago Boys' High School.  The journey Zheng Wei has travelled on at Otago Boys' High School has been an outstanding one. We are all proud of the young man he has become.

Bob Lee — Image by: OBHS