Senior Biology

By Pru Casey | Posted: Tuesday August 27, 2019

A capstone study in senior biology studies is tracking the changes in bone, muscle and behavioural adaptations of various hominid fossils discovered over time.

It’s a bit of fun to try out attempting to complete activities without the opposable thumb. Blowing up balloons, opening a lollipop, and having a go at replicating some of the ancient stone tools found in Africa and Europe. 

Starting with potato models, students created replica Olduwan choppers and Acheulian hand axes from lava cobbles then used chert to fashion Mousterian blades, easier said than done! Trying them out on pork bones was messy - but the extraction of marrow from bones as per Homo habilis and cutting muscle as per Homo erectus and scraping skins as per Neanderthal was finally achieved. 

Roll on external exams - we’ve got this!!

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