Coronet Peak Ski Trip

By Richard Roe | Posted: Monday August 26, 2019

Twenty five boys enjoyed fine weather and great snow conditions on the slopes of Coronet Peak last weekend.

These fantastic conditions made Saturday a particularly busy day on Coronet Peak. It also set some sort of field record for visits to the mountain’s medical centre with some sneaky patches of ice catching out the unwary. It was just after lunch that I got the dreaded call from the skifield staff to let me know one of our boys was making use of one of their beds. Fortunately nothing too serious, and after a restful afternoon he was back on his skis Sunday.

Sunday was much quieter on the field, possibly due to a forecast of gales and rain set to arrive later in the day. This meant virtually no queuing for lifts and even better when the bad weather didn’t eventuate. The second dreaded call came just before lunch on Sunday. Again we were lucky with just a couple of stitches required to patch a gash on an arm, before he rejoined his mates on the slopes in the afternoon.

With no further incidents, an efficient departure and a smooth trip home, we arrived back at school at 9pm.

The boys made great progress with their skiing and snowboarding skills, and represented both themselves and the school well. Overall a successful trip.

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