By OBHS | Posted: Monday August 12, 2019

We cater for all the needs of our young men in many ways.

Learning Support

We cater for all the needs of our young men in many ways - from the cross-curricular reciprocal teaching programme in all junior classes to the gifted and talented programme on offer. In all areas of development our students are challenged, accelerated and promoted. Assessment occurs at regular intervals but most importantly on entry to Otago Boys’ to ensure that all learning levels are appropriately targeted for individuals in a differentiated teaching and learning programme. Extra staffing and resources are provided to ensure that help is available to those who need it.

We endeavour to monitor all the boys in our care. Year 9 form teachers meet the Dean who then follows up on any concerns raised. 

KAMAR Parent Portal

Knowing anything, anytime, anywhere will be a major influence on your son's success here at Otago Boys' High School.

KAMAR is our parent portal allowing you to access attendance, financial and  academic attainment information. In early Term 1 you will receive an email with login instructions on how to access this very easy to use facility. We encourage you to use it as much as possible to engage in conversations with your son about how his time at Otago Boys’ High School is progressing. 


Bullying occurs in many forms: cyber, verbal, physical, damage or theft of property. We, at Otago Boys’, will always act on any information received in regard to bullying. It is unacceptable and boys who bully others with be dealt with and parents informed. 

If you are aware of any incidents involving your son or others, please contact the form teacher, the Dean, guidance counsellor Mr Wither or one of the Assistant Principals. The boys know that they can talk anonymously about incidents of bullying.