General Information

By OBHS | Posted: Monday August 12, 2019


All students are required to complete homework tasks. Students will be encouraged this year to record their homework in their own device e.g. cellphone as part of the BYOD initiative. Year 9 students can expect approximately 1-1½ hours of homework a night. Year 9 students will get homework from their core teachers twice a week e.g. English and Science on Monday and Wednesday; Maths and Social Studies on Tuesday and Thursday. This timetable will be on the website once it is set. There is also a homework group for our Pacific Island and Maori students in Room 6 on a Wednesday afternoon. Once again you will be notified when this starts.


Please explain to your parents that only URGENT messages can be relayed to you during school hours. In such cases your parent should ring the office.

Out of School Appointments

If you need to leave school at any time to attend an appointment, for example doctor or dentist, you must have an exeat card. This card is issued by the office staff and is given upon the sighting of written evidence e.g. appointment card or letter from parent or guardian. The purpose of the exeat system is to enable the school to keep track of all its students and to know if an absence is genuine or not.

Exeat cards are available from the school office either during interval and lunchtime, or before and after school.


The school produces newsletters for the wider school community on a weekly basis. These are emailed home to parents and displayed on the school website ( They provide regular updates and useful information about the happenings within the school, allowing us to celebrate our academic, cultural and sporting achievements.


Use the steps below the office building, or the path around the sports field. Don’t ride in the school grounds. Lock your bike. There are stands behind the Shand building near the caretaker’s office. You should always wear a helmet.