Important Places

By OBHS | Posted: Monday August 12, 2019

Toilets which you may use, except the ones marked "Staff", are on the ground floor of the East and South wings, and outside the library. In general, you may not use them during class.

The Office is in the Tower Block. Come here for first aid, lost property, and general enquiries. Ms Rodgers, Mrs Pelet and Mrs Gourley will help you. Mrs Fridd is the Office Manager and she will deal with any queries you have regarding school fees and payments for trips etc.

The Canteen is behind the office building, under the Grandstand. You can buy lunch and morning tea and order your lunch before school. At lunchtime and interval you just go to the front of the line and give your name. You can get a wide range of food including chicken rolls, hot food, fruit, yoghurt and salads.

Common Room You may use your common room when it is wet to sit and eat your lunch. It is your job to keep it tidy. Normally you will use the outside seats, the Grandstand or Littlebourne. Put your rubbish in the bins.

The Theatre is a common meeting place. You have assembly there. Otherwise it is out of bounds unless you are called for a  meeting. Your assembly time is on a Wednesday.

The Library You will be shown how to use the library by the librarian, during one of your timetabled English classes.

Before school club 8:00 am – 8:45 am


Lunch time

After school until 3:45pm

Valuables / Equipment Store It is not wise to bring valuables to school. You do so at your own discretion. Some valuables will be looked after by a teacher when you are at sport. However, sports equipment, valuable jackets and other large items can be kept in the valuables store in the Tower Block by the office. Please ask the staff in the office for the key to unlock the room. Cell phones are not to be used during class time for calls or messages. Sometimes your teacher may give you permission to use it in a learning exercise. If your cell phone is confiscated for misuse it will be given to Senior Management. The consequences are as follows:

1st offence:  – returned that day

2nd offence:  – returned end of week

3rd offence:  – parents are rung to come and collect

Please be careful if bringing money to school. It may be best to leave large amounts, open cheques etc. with the office until you require it.