That's a lot of Gingerbread Men!

By Jacqueline Irving | Posted: Wednesday August 7, 2019

Room 13 has been a hive of activity the past three weeks.

Mrs Steward our technician ensured 535 Gingerbread Men were ready for the Year 8 students who visited last week. Miss Moore demonstrated how to pipe school or sports uniforms onto the Gingerbread Men. Over 25kg of icing was made and it was all go with our Kenwood mixers from school and homes.

We were fortunate to have Year 11 students Lucas Power, Jackson Milne and Hunter Beale assist Miss Moore and boys each morning.

One of the Year 11 classes spent last Wednesday afternoon putting their mark, mainly hoops, on the 250 Gingerbread Men consumed at last week's Open Night.

Finally, thank you to all our students who sacrificed their lessons in Room 13 last week to give the Year 8 students a practical experience . 

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