Our Very Own Shark Spies

By Pru Casey | Posted: Sunday July 28, 2019

Fifteen students did not get to sleep in on Sunday - instead, they got to go shark hunting!

As the sun rose above the harbour on Sunday morning our OBHS Shark Spy team were heading out to sea on the Polaris University of Otago Marine Science Research vessel. 

A shark dissection, seabird survey, plankton tow and shark ID tasks were on the agenda - but the main task was to set a shark bait station with a waterproof GoPro to film shark interactions. Success! Two half-hour video captures were completed with 7 species of shark recorded. Further work by these students will include analysis of the video on Friday afternoon to add their findings to a Citizen Science body of knowledge about these important apex predators that most of us know very little about. 

Thank you Rob Lewis and assistants Jerushia and Mikey for a wonderful learning experience in Science!

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