A Message From The Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Wednesday July 24, 2019

A terrific start to Term 3 for the school this week. The boys have returned to school well rested and ready to tackle the challenges this academic term will bring.

Perseverance; the ability to get up, when it is hard. To keep going is one of the biggest factors in enhancing a young man’s resilience.  Without perseverance, he is unlikely to achieve. Talent can only take you so far.

This week in assembly the boys were challenged to seek their own 'moon landing', their own 'Everest'. These words can be difficult to understand, or worse, closely linked to being the first can be daunting.

Instead, they were reminded of the words of John Fitzgerald Kennedy in 1961 when he set the goal of the first man on the moon, ‘we choose to do these things; not because they are easy, but because they are hard.' 

For juniors, we are developing a new one page report which will include their recent examination results and importantly, their individual reflection on their performance. This student led self reflection is an important skill in the development of a students academic potential and we look forward to you, as parents, discussing this with him. We aim to have these to you at the end of next week, or beginning of week 3 at the latest.