Hairspray - 2019 School Production

By Luke Geddes | Posted: Thursday July 4, 2019

A roaring success - the combined Otago Boys and Girls High Schools production of Hairspray The Musical took Dunedin by storm from 26-30 June.

Starring the two schools’ finest talent, the show’s pieces were full of colour and excitement while telling the story of Tracy Turnblad’s meteoric rise to National Television. A trip to jail and multiple love songs led to a climactic moment where judgmental attitudes and racism were challenged amongst the backdrop of the “Miss Teenage Hairspray” competition. The near sell-out crowds every night were left in raptures and laughter at the spectacular and comedic moments the musical offered.

The combined tens of thousands of hours put into preparations made the production a great spectacle. Rehearsals surrounded the cast with passionate people striving towards the goal of a show for the ages. Director Lauren Mackay pushed everyone to their limits while coordinating the directors of choreography, music, technology and set - congratulations must be passed on to all those involved in putting on the show.

Transforming 21st century Dunedin into 20th century Baltimore highlighted the ability of the two schools and the community to get behind the event. Plaudits have been well deserved for everyone involved.

It was a long journey to create Hairspray and even longer lasting memories and bonds have been built thanks to it. Leaving cast members including Jack Fisher and Semisi Fukofuka have had an unforgettable experience to finish their High School show career on as they pass the mantle over to a new class. The service many of these people have shown will not go unnoticed. Everyone can be extremely proud of the Hairspray Class of 2019!

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