A Message From The Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Thursday July 4, 2019

As I write this 9S are in the last hour of their Social Science exam. I would be lying if we said the room was buzzing with industry, but to their credit they have made a good fist of their first examination experience.

Increasingly we are told that exams do not reflect real life, if then what is real life? For these boys and students at Otago Boys’ real life is exams.

Real life is the academic discipline and challenge that exams offer and when should a school remove academic challenge from the boys’ experiences?

Often in enrolment meetings, challenge and pushing boys is a focus from parents. And we agree. Examinations form a part of that and along with the other 198 days of the academic year the theme is to challenge and to extend.

For me real life for our boys means accepting challenge, sometimes grinding through the hard stuff and being acknowledged for your success. In the last Junior assembly of this term, Mr Hooper awarded a first, second and third academic place for each Year 9 and 10 class. This is an example of how we acknowledge the challenge that the year group rise to.

So, while for some, exams are a challenge, it is in rising to that challenge that they model values that they need in ‘real life’.

It is above the hoops.

Enjoy a good break. Do "stuff" with your son.