9Hs Tuesday Tiny Tales

By 9H | Posted: Tuesday July 2, 2019

6 words, 6 minutes. Tiny Tales, Big Creativity!

Each Tuesday of Term Two, 9H spent their first 6 minutes of English with 6 random words to use in a tiny tale. Here is a selection of the term’s top picks.

Words: ker-splash, reverse, under, dice, ring, not

“Reverse the sails, reverse the sails!” The first mate shouted. “It’s under the boat.”

“No do not reverse the sails, we can take this beast”. The first mate heard the captain’s orders and rang the alarm bell atop the mast. The entire crew rushed to their battle stations, but it was too late. Ker-Splash.

Samuel Sherburd

Ker-splash. I fall under the surface of the sea. I see so many objects in this sunken shipwreck. Keys, rings, dice, and plenty of bigger objects like beds and chests. Not only is this place amazing, it's also a sight so very rare. I reverse my mind back to when I was a child and my father would read me books about ships like these. So long ago did he pass away. I bet he would have loved this. I swim back up to the surface.

David Dalley

Words: cauliflower, suspicious, travel, open, some, see

I didn't realize how suspicious she was at first and that's why I opened it. Inside the envelope was a ticket. I thought it would be fun to travel. So I put some clothes in my bag and when I got on the plane, I saw it. The cauliflower.

Corey Gulliver

I traveled on a bus to go to the beach. I put down my towel and started to eat some chips. Then I saw a man that looked suspicious. He was staring at me while eating an open bag of broccoli and cauliflower.

Marama Nicholas

Words: bedazzle, clouds, above, there, somehow, run

Somehow there in the distance, three bedazzled men can run up above the clouds.

Sam Hughes

Words: luggage, squat, exit, wail, from, hill

He was cursed to be eternally squatting, which was bad because he had to carry luggage up a hill from the car to the exit of the exercise. He was so exhausted, he wailed out to the assessors, but they showed no mercy. He was going to have to do this himself.

Oliver Hobbs

Words: harmony, sheets, butcher, white, but, display

In the butchers display, was something I dreaded. Two evil eyes stared at me. I heard a voice. “Uncle Aaron is coming for you! “I sprinted as fast as I could, but felt a sheet wrap around my body, causing me to lose balance. I awoke in a white van named Uncle Aaron’s Whip, never to see the light of day again.

Ibram Abousif

Words: gold, romp, though, forgive, at, carry

He romped through the undergrowth carrying a bag of gold on his back. He needed to get there in time or the tribe would have nothing to buy weapons with. His tribe was preparing for war and very soon they would be at war. If he got there in time all would be forgiven.

Tim Orchiston