Ethics Olympiad

By Colby Allen | Posted: Thursday June 6, 2019

On Thursday 6th June the OBHS Ethics Olympiad team competed in New Zealand’s first ever Ethics Olympiad in Christchurch.

The team consisted of Max Lough, Max Cunninghame, Sam Thompson, Colby Allen and Bailey Cavanagh-Welch, with Mr Hooper leading the team and the trip.

We left for Christchurch on Wednesday, and after the traditional Timaru McDonalds stop and a delicious Indian dinner, we were well and truly ready for the Olympiad. Over three rounds we discussed many ethical issues, such as who is responsible for technology that is biased against minority groups and whether schools should accept donations from companies that harm the environment. Although we didn’t come within the top three, we all enjoyed the interesting ethical discussions that took place. We want to thank everyone that helped put the event together, with a special thanks to Mr Hooper for organising and leading the trip. 

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