All About Eid

By Ahmad Diwan, Rami Allo & Ramez Allo | Posted: Thursday June 6, 2019

Some of our Syrian students have taken the time to explain this special festival.

When does Eid start?

After Ramadan, all the Muslims around the world celebrate a three-day festival which is called Eid. Eid is one of two annual celebrations for Muslims around the world. Like Ramadan, Eid begins with the first sighting of the full moon, so usually Muslims have to wait until the night before Eid to find out when it is. When the moon is full, Eid begins. As it is a lunar occurrence, the date of Eid changes annually and varies from country to country.

What is Eid.

Eid is a very important and special time for Muslims around the world. Before the last week of Ramadan most Muslims start making special sweets like biscuits, a special bread, cakes and puddings for the first day of Eid. Also, the parents of young children buy some new clothes for them to wear on the first day. Most Muslims normally take a three-day break to celebrate Eid. It is a national holiday in Muslims countries. In New Zealand, Muslims tend to celebrate for a day and may take time off work or school for the occasion.

What do Muslims around the world do during Eid?

On the morning of the first day of Eid, Muslims gather in the mosque for prayer followed by a short sermon from the leader. Arabic speaking Muslims usually greet each other by saying ‘Eid Mubarak’ which means ‘Blessed Eid’. It is traditional that grandparents make a big feast and invite all their relatives and their sons’ families to have the special food together. They spend the day visiting relatives and neighbours and accepting sweets as they move around from house to house. Children are offered gifts and money. The children usually celebrate Eid by having sweets and hanging out with their parents or their friends, visiting gardens, museums and other places where they like to play.

Eid Mubarak!

By Ahmad Diwan, Rami Allo & Ramez Allo