Science Fair Preparation Underway

By P Casey | Posted: Tuesday April 12, 2016

Year 11 OBHS students are in the thick of their Science Fair studies.

This year, with a theme of Human Impact on the Environment, students are measuring the effects of predators in the bush, dredging sediments in the harbour and light pollution on plankton in the harbour. 

Experts have been called in to advise and the students have been lucky enough to work alongside Sally Carson, Dr Jean McKinnon and Matt Desmond from the Marine Science Study Centre, University of Otago. Also, DCC contracted staff from Pest Destruction Services who trap and track rodents in the town belt. 

These extended studies will span three months as students lay tunnel trackers, chew cards and traps to determine what predators are in the bush and what they are eating; set astro turf sediment traps in the harbour and collect plankton using light traps at various harbour locations. 

All these tasks involve making recording tools and carrying out long term studies. Engaging in local issues is part of the science curriculum.

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