By Melissa Rodgers | Posted: Monday May 6, 2019

We would like to acknowledge the recent passing of the following Old Boys' of the school. We will remember them.

Allan Carson (1934-39), died 26 March in Nelson, aged 97 years.

Malcolm Walker (1955-59), died 2 April in Christchurch aged 77 years

Alan H Foster (1938-42), died 16 April, aged 93 years

Robert F Main (1944-45), died 22 April in Dunedin aged 89 years

Murray R Sligo (1952-56), died 7 May in Dunedin, aged 80 years

Michael L Fleming (1967-68), died 14 May at his home in Lake Hayes

Paul L Inder (past teacher), died 16 May in Dunedin, aged 84 years