Year 10 Pasifika Visit to the University of Otago

By Enoka Taufua | Posted: Wednesday April 3, 2019

A group of Year 10 Pasifika students spent a day at the University of Otago as part of the Pacific Science Future Initiative.

This programme was developed by The Division of Science to encourage students to carry science through to NCEA level by giving them the opportunity to experience where science pathways can lead.

Our students took part in practical experiments in the Chemistry laboratories. They handled and took data from surveying (an extension of Maths, Physics and Geography) equipment.

Students were able to apply what they were learning to their own experiences and backgrounds. In surveying, they were able to calculate the impact of rising sea levels on Dunedin. Being able to visually see what suburbs were affected raised questions on what can be done to minimise or slow down climate change. Students worked alongside current university students, who gave them a few tips on life as a tertiary student.

Thank you to the team at the University of Otago, especially the Division of Science, who put together an enjoyable and informative programme.

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