The Last Word

By Angus Hewett | Posted: Thursday March 14, 2019

I've known that I have had to do this speech for weeks but I’m sure like the most of you and your assessments, life happens and you lose track.

G’day boys, I've known that I have had to do this speech for weeks but I’m sure like the most of you and your assessments, life happens and you lose track. That Buzzfeed quiz that tells you what kind of 90's band you are seems way more interesting than that stats paper you have to do for Mrs Hinchey. You lose sight of the end product, procrastination kicks in and you think, "Oh I've got heaps of time to do that stats internal,” or “I’ll do that internal in my study period,” with the mountain of other homework, internals and assessments that you have to do that day. We all know that in the end it just doesn't work out and you fall behind. So what is it with us men and homework? Why do we find it so daunting? I mean, if your coach asked you to go for a run to get fitter for whatever sport you play you would probably do it, right?

The other night I was scrolling through YouTube as you do, funnily enough actually trying to study for chemistry, and I stumbled across a video titled "Why do I get up at 5 am, Steve Jobs.” The more I watched the video the more it made sense, the more practical it seemed and the more I wanted to try it. So I thought I’d try it out. I thought to myself, what is there to lose apart from going to bed a couple of hours earlier which wasn’t really a big loss because knowing me I’d probably spend that time on social media anyway! As soon as I woke up I thought to myself why the hell am I doing this?  I soon realised that when I was doing my homework that I was meant to do the night before I was 100% more focused, I had planned my day and I got my homework all done in what I thought it was a record time. I looked at the time and it was only 6 am so I decided to go to the gym before breakfast.

This has been my routine for the past couple of weeks, but like most boys when you start doing something new and a bit out of the normal I kept it to myself. I told a couple of people about this but probably like the reaction I would give to someone doing this I clocked a spray, which I thought was fair enough because it was a little weird. 

Now, boys, the point of this story into the insight to my morning routine isn't to tell you to wake up at 5 am because we both know that that's just not going to happen. After living at the hostel for 4 and a bit years I know how hard it is for you boys to wake up at 7 am let alone 5 am. What I want you boys to take away from this story is that procrastination might not be the best way to attack your assessment this year boys. I mean you might have finally got an Excellence in that last-minute English essay-cram but believe me, boys, there are easier ways to do things, and who knows lads, just plan your day out tomorrow you might fit a lot more into your day that you expected. 

Like most boys who say their last words up here, I’d like to finish with a quote from the U.S Army, “Planning prevents piss poor performance”. 

Thanks, boys.