10O Camp Experience

By Sofa Fesolai | Posted: Wednesday March 20, 2019

Year 10 camp is an experience I will never forget.

From stopping through Wanaka to admiring the landscapes of the tall mountains, and long rivers we drove by. When we had reached our destination our journey began consisting of tramping, kayaking, swimming and many more fun activities. 

My highlight was when we tread up the mountain and saw Rob Roy Glacier. It was magnificent! Another highlight of mine was our overnight at Junction Flat. It was supposed to be a four-hour walk and ended up as an eight-hour walk, but it was worth it. 

Spending time with teachers and friends, amongst the sandflies, has taught me that it is important to take care of the life we live and the life around us, so we can enjoy together the best things of life. 

 Sofa Letane Fesolai

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