A Message From The Southern DHB

By Southern DHB | Posted: Tuesday March 12, 2019

You may be aware that currently there is an outbreak of measles in Canterbury.

The best protection against measles is the free measles, mumps and rubella (MMR) vaccine. You need 2 doses of measles-containing vaccine to be fully immunised.

New Zealanders born from 1 January 1969 are eligible for free MMR vaccinations. If you were born before the measles vaccine became available in 1969, you are considered at lower risk because you were probably exposed to measles as a child.

People aged 10 to 29 years are at greatest risk of catching measles, as they're the group least likely to have been fully immunised as children.

If you’re unsure of your vaccination status you can check your Well Child Tamariki Ora or Plunket book, or contact your general practice.

If you can’t find your records, the Ministry of Health recommends you get vaccinated anyway – it’s free, and there is no harm in having an extra dose of the vaccine.

Get up to date with your immunisations

It’s never too late to get up to date with your immunisations. By being immunised, you will not only be protecting yourself and your family – you’ll also stop the disease spreading in your community.

· 2 doses are necessary to give the best protection.

· Immunisation (with 2 measles vaccinations) is very important for older children and adults.