The First Year 10 Camp of 2019

By 10Y | Posted: Tuesday March 5, 2019

Or, Reasons Why Year 10 Should Be Grateful for 10Y.

Let us first give thanks. To the forces, powers or gods that produced the peaks, the valleys and the clear and bright running water of the Matukituki, thank you. What a great part of the world to be for a week. Thank you to the Aspinalls for the land. The staff and friends of OBHS who got the Lodge up and running, with special mention to Bill Trewern, Magnus Sinclair, Peter Foster and Murray Oben whose names adorned the four bunk rooms 10Y occupied. Thank you, Mr Roe, for your impressive feats of organisation and supermarket shopping and, Mr Zani, for your leadership and camp scones. A final shout out of gratitude to Mr Campbell, Mr Dadley, Mr Melrose, Mr King, Lawrence, Craig and the bus driver for helping to make the camp possible. Tyche, it was great having you there with us too.

And now, let us say, “You’re welcome.” To the Year 10 readers out there, here is what you should be grateful for:

1. The tents, the 45kg gas bottles, the provisions for the season: they didn’t just fly there, we carried them. You are welcome.

2. The new paddle for the kayak. We lost one. It was old. Now you have a brand new one.

3. A still well-stocked store of first aid supplies. We only impaled ourselves with 2cm long splinters, bruised our toes with logs dropped from height and grazed our arms and legs on rocks. Our medical needs were minimal. If you break your arm while on camp there are still bandages for that. You’re welcome.

4. The orienteering posts for markers 28 and 33. We reckon you’ll find your way around the course a little easier now.

5. There might be less sandflies at Glacier Burn than there were. We’re not sure about this one. Either, we killed an awful lot of the suckers with all the leg slapping, head slapping and carrying on or… there are more because they now have enough blood to breed and take over the planet. Please let us know.

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