Biology Visit to Blueskin Bay

By Pru Casey | Posted: Tuesday March 5, 2019

The annual Year 12 Biology trip to Blueskin Bay, Warrington aims to instil guardianship values for our young men.

This year we picked one of the warmest days of the week. The students enjoyed great weather and warm water as they completed transects of the estuarine animals and collected data for the University of Otago Marine Metre Squared data base. By contributing to this longitudinal study, the students can track change over time in our Otago estuaries. Essential for the health of our marine systems, estuaries are the food source and nursery area for our fish stock, wading birds and marine mammals. 

The warm shallow nutrient rich water of the estuary was also enjoyed by our students. The hot sun forced many to take a swim! Hopefully lessons in guardianship are taken on board. 

The estuary is a beautiful place.

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