By Lynn Vare | Posted: Friday February 22, 2019

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Big piles of books! During the holidays I trawl through ‘Best of’ lists and Reader Blogs, so that we start the year with a good pile of new reading material for the students. The boys love seeing all the new books; checking out the best covers, finding the latest in a series they have been reading…even the smell of a new book is enjoyed.

I’m lucky to work in a school that values reading and learning, and provides a good budget to improve library resources. Research shows that a good library service at school makes a significant difference to the learning outcomes and literacy rates of the students there.

The National Library recently surveyed hundreds of schools and reported on school libraries and their library services. For the first time we have a small window on what is happening in NZ schools. There were many variations between schools with regards to staffing levels and their qualifications; services provided; the physical environment and budgets allocated to them. Intermediate schools spent on average around $7 per student, compared to $13-$16 for Primary and Secondary schools. Many are not developing a love of reading unless encouraged, and that’s the job of our library collection and myself.

There is nothing I love more than finding a book for someone who ‘hates’ reading and, having them come back and tell me it’s the first one they’ve ever read right through. And, if they don’t love it I’ll keep going until we find one they do. We have ways, we have means and the results are worth it. Check out our fabulous collection on our library OPAC.