It is with great sadness we learn of Isobel MacLeod's (Hostel Matron) passing.

By Ken Rust | Posted: Thursday February 7, 2019

Earlier this week Isobel MacLeod passed away peacefully surrounded by her family in Brisbane hospital.

She had been ill for a short time after enjoying good health during her retirement in Australia. She was in her 94th year.

Despite retiring in 2000 after twenty years as Matron, and before that as Assistant Matron, Mrs MacLeod retained regular links with the school and was always interested in the continuing activities of the boys who were once in her care.

Through decades which saw many values and standards challenged Mrs MacLeod remained steadfast in her adherence to the values of her generation- honesty, hard work, loyalty, trust and the importance of good manners and respect. Parents had good reason to feel grateful for the stability and dignity that she brought to the position of Matron,  they knew that things would be done properly and that their boys would always be cared for.

Her continuity as Matron meant that she offered invaluable support for a number of Managers who came to rely on her advice and commonsense in a challenging workplace.

For Mrs MacLeod, being the Matron of School House was a way of life rather than a job. Her commitment to the hostel boys started with their arrival in Year 9 (Form 3) and continued considerably past the end of their schooling. Many parents and boys maintained contact with her long past her retirement many years ago.

Since 2000 she has enjoyed time with her family especially the opportunity to move to Brisbane in order to live with her daughter Fiona. 

Our thoughts go out to her family at this sad time.