Values Recognised

By OBHS | Posted: Wednesday February 6, 2019

This week the school received the following correspondence from a member of the public. Congratulations Junior, you have done yourself, your family and your school proud!

As an old boy of the school, I was really impressed by the behaviour of one of your pupils the other day.

When my son and I arrived at the Opoho tennis courts last week, one of the nets on the two courts was stuffed and the functioning court was being used. We just started having a hit regardless of the net, when the young man from the court with the intact net came over and politely asked if we would like to use their court. I thanked him but declined.

It was a small gesture, but in a world often bereft of kindness and respect I was mightily impressed.

If I have managed to recall the spelling correctly the name of the young man in question was Junior Fesolai.

This altruistic behaviour is a credit to the school and his family, and deserves some recognition.

Kind regards

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