My First Impression of Otago Boys' High School

By 9Y | Posted: Thursday January 31, 2019

9Y have reflected on their first week at Otago Boys'. Here are some of their thoughts.

My first impressions of Otago Boys' High School were that all the Year 13 boys were nice, welcoming and friendly, so were the teachers.

I feel privileged and honoured to now be at OBHS. I was impressed how organised my teachers were. I was surprised my schedule was ready for me to take and find my way around the school.

Dallas Talamairao Thomkinson

My first impression of OBHS was the big auditorium and the many trophies. I also noticed all the famous sports people that donated a shirt, especially Richie McCaw's All Blacks shirt.

I also noticed Littlebourne park. I had all good first impressions of OBHS. I liked my form class and most of my classes. I also liked the tour around the school. I can't wait for football to start and for the year to go on.

Taddy Kleffmann

"Wow, it is a castle!" I said. That was my first impression of Otago Boys' High School.  

It was a great experience for me and the other boys. High school feels grown up for me because we move to periods and do different subjects in one day.

I like the canteen food, it is yum and a good price.

Wyatt Payne

My first impressions at OBHS was amazing.  Walking through the archway and getting greeted felt special, like I was finally an OBHS boy. When the Year 13's were doing the haka, all I could see was everyone putting 110% into it. They all looked proud to be doing the haka and I felt proud wearing the OBHS school uniform.

Jacoby Hooper

My honest thoughts about OB's is that there are a lot of things to try out like sports, music, tech and many other things. It is so much different than Balmacewen. It's a big change for me. It's cool because I get to do golf and futsal for Otago Boys'. 

I really enjoyed the senior school haka on the first day. It was loud.

Liam Cumming

Wow, Otago Boys' is one of the oldest surviving schools in New Zealand, what a sight to behold. We continued to walk slowly through the towering archway as we embraced the hardships some of the old boys before us had gone through. 

We entered the school one by one, we marched into the auditorium and received a speech from our Rector.

Ryan Hawker