Health Consultation 2018

By Andrew Willmott | Posted: Tuesday December 11, 2018

It is a Ministry of Education requirement that schools consult with their communities every two years on their Health programmes.

Here, at Otago Boys’ High School, this is done in a number of ways and provides us with a good idea of what health issues are relevant and appropriate for our junior Health classes.

Health education is split into four main areas – food and nutrition, body care and physical safety, mental health and sexuality education.

Below are the topics we currently cover at Otago Boys’ High School as part of our Health programme at Years 9 and 10;

Mental Health
Grief, loss and change 
Keeping ourselves safe

Body Care and Physical Safety
Staying healthy
Cycle, water and road safety
Basic first aid

Food and Nutrition 
Healthy eating

Sexuality Education 
Pubertal changes and
The Sexuality Road  (A family planning resource)

To help us further develop our programmes we ask that you complete this survey by 
Friday 21 December, 2018.  

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