Level 3 Art

By Brigid Allan | Posted: Thursday November 8, 2018

At senior level, students are required to complete a two panel portfolio. By the time Visual Art students reach Level 3, it is expected they create a three page portfolio.

These Level 3 students have taken Visual Art throughout Level 1 and 2 progressing their thinking and skill along the way to reach the level required.

Level 3 students: Nathan Hill, Yu-Chen Liu, Joseph Gifford, Joshua Marr and Alexander Grant have all pushed through the doubts and difficulties of producing art work at this level to successfully arrive at the end. Congratulations!

Beginning the year at Level 3, each student must create a thematic/conceptual and visual proposition. This is the framework from which each student bases their skill development on. Developing ideas based on the established practice of their choice, within the field of painting, students develop a visual body of work that exhibits a learning journey of sorts, in turn displaying a clarification and extension of their proposition. A fundamental element of this process is to utilize the intrinsic motivation from each student to ensure their best possible outcome. 

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