The Last Word

By Flynn Steel | Posted: Monday October 29, 2018

No regrets.

Morning fellas. Seeing as this year has come to a quicker finish than mine and Jacksons acting career with Air NZ I thought I’d use this time to share a few top memories I’ve had with some of you throughout my junior days here. From the boys in 9ST, I hope you guys all remember the glory days as well as I do. From the rank scar stories from P Bass, and Patrick “the killer kick” Smit to the Latham and Lennix showdowns, we shared a hell of a lot of shocking experiences together. None however out-shocked that of Mr Stewart Tagg's (warranted?) breathtaking fits that he had at and with us where he would no joke, transform into the Tomato Head skin we all know and love.

A lot of us moved into Year 10 together, where we had the fabled George Kay who no doubt gave some of the greatest content ever to grace this here earth. “The doofer” and of course “Skindall” were just a couple of the majestic hymns he uttered without notice. Year 10 camp was just the berries, with probably the most exciting thing being watching Kian eat a ghost pepper and lose his guts. If you haven’t heard about it, he started this instagram page called KP-eats-it where you can all check this all out……

Glory Days didn’t end there though. They continued all the way through the grind of senior school. And now this year has happened just like. I can’t express using words of just how much I’ve enjoyed my time here at Otago Boys’. And I have you lads to thank for it. I thought I’d keep my last one short to match my hair and because if I spoke any longer it would turn into a life lesson.

Finishing in the proper manner as always.

“I love it” - Pump