Term 3 Students of the Term

By OBHS | Posted: Monday October 15, 2018

Congratulations to the following students who this week have been named as the Students of the Term for Term 3.

Year 9 - Will Carruthers-Fraser

Will is everything we want in an OBs boy. Will always endeavours to try and be better in all of his class activities. He has made some great progress across all subjects, especially in his reading and writing. When he has been absent, Will is eager to catch up on missed work. He makes sensible choices to not be distracted by others as he strives to take on as many opportunities he can muster. Will is always willing to help others and he is a deserved recipient of the Year 9 Student of the Term.

Year 10 - Luke Geddes

Luke is a young man who strives to excel in as many areas as he can. He is one of our top Science students, he is an amazing piano player and is really committed to Orienteering - a natural overachiever. Luke puts a lot of expectation on himself to achieve well in everything he does and it is great to recognise his efforts this term.

Year 11 - Cameron Moffitt

Cameron is a bright and cheerful young man who is always engaged in school life, whether it be inside or out of the class room. Cameron is a great role model for others who perseveres to complete all tasks well. He contributes in class and asks for help when needed. Cameron is a deserved recipient of our Student of the Term award.

Year 12 - Vainiu Te'o

Always super polite and friendly, Vainiu can be relied upon to start work at the beginning of each period and work through right to the end. Vainiu pushes himself to get the highest grades in each internal, even when it takes quite a lot of perseverance to understand the criteria. He is a fine young role model for his peers and an excellent choice for Student of the Term.

Year 13 - Adam Wilson

Adam is a quiet and industrious young man who has worked consistently well throughout his year across all of his subjects. Adam seeks help when he needs it and he always endeavours to complete tasks well. Adam is a friendly and supportive young man who thoroughly deserves this Student of the Term accolade.