News From The Library

By Lynne Vare | Posted: Tuesday September 25, 2018

Don't forget to keep up with your reading in the holidays. It's a great way to give your brain a break from games and a chance for it to grow and 'reboot'.

Some of the most popular books in our collection are those on hunting and sport biographies, however the fiction collection is heavily used and fiction is vital for young people to read. Author Neil Gaiman talks about the importance of imagination and reading in a great Farnam Street blog. 

It helps readers improve their vocabulary, their imagination, develop their skills in empathy and understanding as well as improves concentration. It's the easiest and cheapest way to take a trip around the world, visit another planet, lead a charge against Spartans or be part of a secret society of assassins - all from your house, bed or favourite chair. 

We've got a ton of wonderful books in the library which you can get out for the holidays, and don't worry about any overdue notices from the computer - there are no fines, just bring them back when you are finished! 

Have a great holiday.