Junior School Resilience Day

By Stewart Tagg | Posted: Thursday September 20, 2018

On Thursday our Junior School was based in the auditorium as they engaged in our annual Resilience Day, part of OBs wider wellbeing programme for our students.

Aside from some food-based House resilience challenges which were enjoyed by everyone, our lads listened to various speakers throughout the day. Ms Buckingham’s take on defining resilience was well received. This was followed by a succession of old boys who were happy to share various stories about their school days and gave advice about dealing with the inevitable obstacles which will come our boys' way.

Dr Damian Scarf, Scott Bezett, Michael Collins and our soon-to-be old boy Nic Sinnott were gracious with their time, and their messages were very much appreciated by our boys. Our own Scotty Opetaia talked engagingly about being a ‘Good Man’, rounding out a big day for our boys.

A great day - many thanks to our boys for making it such a success!

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