Kuranga Cards

By Kuranga Cards | Posted: Thursday August 9, 2018

We are a Year 13 Y.E.S business called Kuranga Cards.

Our group is comprised of 8 members CEO - Tim Dippie, CFO - Tom Howie, Communications - Taiaroa Flavell, Marketing and Sales - Alex Grant, Nick Washington, Reuben Wairau, Operations and Production - Thomas Grant, Jordan Hand.

As a group, we saw that there was an educational opportunity within New Zealand, which was the limited knowledge of the Māori language (Te Reo Māori). With our cards, we have found a way to help educate the New Zealand population of all ages and knowledge levels of Te Reo Māori.

By combining playing cards, which we all consider a fun pass time, and the Māori language, culture, and heritage we believe we have found a way where we subconsciously teach our customers to develop their abilities.

If you have any further questions or are eager to develop your Te Reo please contact us, like our Face Book page or buy a pack. Contact information below.


[email protected]

Storbie (click the link to order yours now!)



Search us up @ Kuranga Cards or https://m.facebook.com/Kurangacards/.