Old Boy Nick Kohey making his name in Darts

By Jessica Wilson - The Star | Posted: Thursday August 2, 2018

Nick Kohey is "stoked" he will be taking aim across the Ditch after being picked for the New Zealand youth darts team. The 24 year old Dunedin player is the sole Otago rep in the team which will compete in Australia in October.

Nick of the Dunedin Metropolitan club, was named in the NZ youth darts team.  The team was selected based on a ranking points system.  Players got a certain amount of points based on how well they competed during 12 competitions - two big events and 10 smaller ones - since last year.  

Kohey competed in six events and finished third overall.  The 24 year old said he was "stoked" to be named in the team for the first time.  "I could not stop smiling".  He had not specifically set out to make the team, which made his selection even sweeter. 

While in Australia, he will compete in individual and team events against players from the host country.  

Kohey was introduced to the sport about six years ago whilst at Otago Boys' High School. His Chemistry teacher Tim Ashdown put up a dart board in the classroom.  These days he practises almost everyday and competes about twice a week.

Good luck Nick.