North Canterbury News - Winter Get-together

By Alan Alty | Posted: Thursday August 2, 2018

Tues, 3 July saw close to 100 OBHS students arrive, en masse, for fun and games against one of our oldest and certainly largest traditional rival, CBHS. Having slaughtered all but two of their teams in Dunedin, we were expecting "retribution" . . . well, they did sustain some

When the "Good Guys" come to town to play either CBHS or CC we gather – usually at the Canterbury Club, – to socialise and enjoy the ambience of the venue and a quality speaker. About 50 of our members plus a number of visitors attended.

After a short 60 minutes had elapsed, Chairman Steve Pile called us to order and Robin Munro introduced fellow OB and guest speaker, Gerald McGhie (1953–57) who had been NZ's Ambassador to the Soviet Union at the height of the Cold War and later our Ambassador to Russia in the days of the more reasonable Gorbachev and later the bibulous Yeltsin. It was an interesting address.

The Rector and fellow OB, Richard Hall then spoke compellingly as to how well, cosmopolitan and broad activities and pupils are at our Alma Mater. He had boys, for example, in Cambodia and he and the Principal of OGHS were off to Shanghai on a recruiting drive – totally undreamt of in days of yore.

Last, but not least, was OB and house boy from Balfour, Brent Nicholson, in his role as Chairman of the Foundation. He indicated that the Foundation was in very good heart, had done great things re School House which is profitable and owned by the School and that big things were in the offing . . .watch this space!

At this juncture the bar changed to a pay–as–you–go basis and turn over greatly diminished!! The food was a little upmarket and thus lacking in bulk – a situation that will NOT recur.

Two weeks later your committee met to thoroughly review the function as regards speaker, price, food, length of speeches, etc. We are consciously trying to make such occasions less of a talkfest than formerly.

Our finances are very sound for a smallish, volunteer–based, away from Dunedin organisation and your committee, after some lively discussion, has resolved to donate $2,500 to the OB Foundation, the funds to be used for the betterment of the Mount Aspiring lodge.

Golf Sponsorship

The Strowan Rosebowl is an annual team event played in Christchurch amongst old boys of 20–odd South Island and some North Island schools.

It has been going for 51 years and last year OBHS won it for only the fifth time.

As a result, we are responsible for organizing this year’s tournament – to be held at Shirley Golf course on 30 November.

Assistance with some form of sponsorship for prizes, such as food vouchers, products, etc. would be most welcome. If you can help. please send details to [email protected]