A Message From The Rector

By Richard Hall | Posted: Friday July 6, 2018

These holidays - sweat the small stuff.

I used to say that phrase a lot and until just now I had forgotten its meaning. 

Primarily for me, it means not letting things go because it may cause some anxiety. During these holidays, I would hope that you use this time to sweat the small stuff. Positively.

Make sure you spend time with your son, nephew, cousin etc. Time is the small stuff. Yes, you probably have to work and he may be home alone. Most often though, teenagers report that their best memories were of the time they spent with their family. It does not have to be a beach in Bali to be worthwhile. The small stuff might be going for a walk, but it is time to sweat that. 

Invest the resource you never have enough of, that is the most valuable to all - time.

Here's an idea, maybe his small stuff could be to vacuum, do the laundry or heaven forbid, cook a meal! To him it won't be small stuff, but it will cause sweat! He can bank time with you that way because you won't have to do those things when you get home.

Sweat talking to him, listening to him, playing with him, riding with him, drawing with him, teaching him to drive (a car or a golf ball), or teaching him to use a toothbrush, a bank account, the words 'please' and 'thank you', whatever.

Sweat the small stuff these holidays, sweat time.

See you next term.